Custom Handmade Jewelry by Tamarick Designs

Each of our collections are custom designed in our studio in Northern Minnesota.

Starting with our Mixed Metal Collection, our individually hand braided necklaces using the finest leather cord I can find.  I try to use natural stone beads on each necklace, then attaching natural stone cabochons, quartz or sea glass, and charms which will enhance the look of the necklaces.

Each custom mixed metal piece will use sterling silver, copper or brass for a unique designed piece.

This line is extremely popular and will become yours as well.

Our Sterling Silver collection is exactly that.  I start with between 22-26 gauge sterling silver which I have either cut out discs or used my jeweler's saw to create each piece individually. Each piece will be antiqued or left in it's natural state which is then set in our tumbler for a beautiful finish. These pieces are beautifully designed to enhance the wearer's individuality and personality.

Moving on to our Natural Stone Collection which has become a passion for my husband and I.  We start with a raw piece of natural stone which will move onto our state of the art trim saw. Each piece will be cut to a piece we feel will bring out the best in that stone.  Then each piece will be ground and polished in a 6 or 7 step process that can be very labor intensive.  However the end result is a truly custom piece that can not be duplicated.

We hope you enjoy our custom designed collections. 

Enjoy all that we have to offer and thank you for letting us create for you.